“Latin Café” CD by Guitars Alive Quartet

Smooth Latin grooves … milongas,
Sneaky tangos,
Breezy afternoon beach sambas,
Haunting late-night reveries,
Funky Colombian joropos,
Edgy finger-style guitar rave-ups,
Delicate Bolivian waltzes,
The Xodo…..the second cousin to North American Rock & Roll,
All served up on a funky 60’s Fender Telecaster, a doctored up Flamenco guitar, a beat-up dobro and an elegant Palatino stand-up bass.

Not the way many of these venerable South American composers imagined their timeless melodies being presented to the world, but when these four musicians landed in the same kitchen, this is the dish they cooked.

Philip Candelaria, Gary DiSalle, Paul Dunn and Tom Linklater, who make up the outstanding new guitar group called The Guitars Alive Quartet are the head honchos for this exciting collection of originals and interesting takes on the South American guitar repertoire.


Don Hill
CBC Radio